5, 2018



Chernikova .V. Paradoxes of Europeanization by Peter the Great;

Zemtsov V.N. (Ekaterinburg). Prince A.B. Kurakin and Russian Intelligence in Paris in 1812;


Atchkinasi B.A. (Simferopol). World War and Phenomenon of the National Block in France (1918 – 1919);

Knyazeva S.E. The Formation of Eurocommunism in Italy;

Belousova K.A. Eisenhower Doctrine and Intervention to Lebanon in 1958;


Academician Vasiliev A.M., Savateev A.D., Truevtsev K.M. Middle East: the Sides of the Syrian Conflict;

Naumov A.O. "Soft Power" and Public Diplomacy of the People's Republic of China at the Present Stage;

Lyubart M.K. France in the Current Migration Crisis of 2015-2017; Russia and the World.

Grebenshchikova G.A. Russia at the Teschen Congress;


Mulina S.A. (Omsk). Bar Confederates in Modern Polish Memory and Historiography;

Novichenko I.Yu. Standards and Society: to the Question of the History of Standardization;


Kremer I.S. The Case of the Diplomatic Dictionary; Documentary Essays.

Corresponding Member of RAS Cherkasov P.P. Marshal MacMahon;

Susloparova E.A. Stafford Cripps (1889-1952). The Political Portrait;


Rodin I.V. Once in May: what do mean the events of 1968 in France after 50 years;




Summaries and keywords of the published materials

.V. Chernikova. Paradoxes of Europeanization by Peter the Great

The article is devoted to some aspects of Europeanization, in particular, to the analysis of social policy of Peter I. By Europeanization, the author understands the process of constant borrowing, mastering and using in Russia a diverse Western European experience.

Keywords: Peter the Great, patrimonial way of life, Western influence, social policy, szlachectwo, merchant class, peasantry.

V.N. Zemtsov. (Ekaterinburg). Prince A.B. Kurakin and Russian Intelligence in Paris in 1812

The article is devoted to the reconnaissance activity of the Russian embassy in Paris on the eve and at the beginning of the war between Russia and France in 1812. The introduction into the scientific circulation of a large complex of unpublished documents stored in foreign archives made it possible to conclude that the Russian Ambassador A.B. Kurakin had a key role in informing St. Petersburg about the situation in France in 1812.

Keywords: French - Russian war of 1812, Russian intelligence in 1812, "Michelle case", A.B. Kurakin, A.I .Chernyshev.

B.A. Atchkinasi. (Simferopol). World War and Phenomenon of the National Block in France (1918 – 1919)

The article in the context of transformation of the mass consciousness of the French society caused by the shocks of the world war, and analyzes the impact of this factor on the first post-war election campaign of 1919. The author argues that reflection in the program, and political attitudes block the prevailing anti-German sentiment, the Declaration of commitment to democratic and traditional values, and simultaneously, the rejection of Bolshevism and combat greatly contributed to its victory over the socialists and the main opposition Republican groups.

Keywords: world war, National union, National bloc, traditional values, the organization of patronage, anti-German sentiment.

S.E. Knyazeva. The Formation of Eurocommunism in Italy

This article deals with origins and stages of developments of strategy and ideology of Eurocommunism, as well as its practical implementation. Some arguments are dedicated to P. Togliatti and his activity as famous leader and athor of Italian communists on the mass party in Italy. The article also analyzes policy of alliances with other democratic forces, as well as the further formation of strategy of historical compromise and Eurocommunism by his leader E. Berlinguer in the 1970s and in the early 1980th.

Keywords: Eurocommunism, historic compromise, Italian communist party, Togliatti, Berlinguer, social democracy, Italian way to communism in the 50th-early 70th.

K.A. Belousova. Eisenhower Doctrine and Intervention to Lebanon in 1958

The US policy towards the Middle East particularly in Lebanon after the fiasco of the Tripartite Aggression of 1956 and the declaration of the Eisenhower doctrine is regarded in the article. The doctrine made it possible for the USA to intervene to Lebanon in 1958 maintaining its minority, which only worsened difficult confessional relations in the country.

Keywords: US police in the Middle East, Lebanon, C. Chamoun, Eisenhower Doctrine.

Academician A.M. Vasiliev, A.D. Savateev, K.M. Truevtsev. Middle East: the Sides of the Syrian Conflict

The article reveals the sides of the Middle East conflict in Syria, which began in 2011.

Keywords: Syrian Arab Republic, "Arab spring", B. Assad, IGIL, "Jabhat al- Nusra".

A.O. Naumov, R.S. Pologevich. "Soft Power" and Public Diplomacy of the People's Republic of China at the Present Stage

The article is devoted to the use by the new leaders of China in the 21st century a policy of "soft power" and public diplomacy.

Keywords: "soft power", public diplomacy, China's success in the 21st century.

M.K. Lyubart. France in the Current Migration Crisis of 2015-2017

The article examines the impact of the migration crisis of 2015-2017 to the countries of Europe, in particular to France, where it made a powerful political effect. The crisis created serious social and cultural transformations, sharply felt in society, causing social- political discussions and even confrontation.

Keywords: migration crisis, social, cultural, religious transformations, social-political discussions, laws on immigration.

G.A. Grebenshchikova. Russia at the Teschen Congress

The article discusses in detail the preconditions for convening and the course of congress held in Teschen in April-May 1779. This event played an important role in further strengthening Russia's position in the international arena.

Keywords: Teschen Congress, Bavarian Succession., N.V. Repnin, A.S. Stakhiev, A. Lizakevich.

S.A. Mulina. (Omsk). Bar Confederates in Modern Polish Memory and Historiography

The article is devoted to the identification of trends in the transformation of the image of the Bar Confederation in modern Polish historiography and social memory, beginning in the 90s of the 20th century. The image of the Bar Confederation, formed in social memory, influenced the problems of historical research. But the conclusions of professional historians did not always coincide with the position of the public.

Keywords: Bars Confederation, social memory, cultural identity, history of Poland.

I.Yu. Novichenko. Standards and Society: to the Question of the History of Standardization

The article examines the problem of searching for new methodological approaches to the study of the history of standardization of the XVIII-XX centuries, analyzes the experience of theoretical interpretation of standardization in the 1920s, emphasizes the importance of studying standardization processes in Russia and foreign countries, identifies advantages and disadvantages of standardization, identifies areas, the study of which would help to perceive the standards in a different way.

Keywords: history of standardization, unification processes, theory of standardization, social and technical standards.

I.S. Kremer. The Case of the Diplomatic Dictionary

Memoirs of the oldest Russian Germanist, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Theory and History of International Relations of the Moscow State Linguistic University, one of the first authors and members of the editorial board of the journal " Modern and Contemporary History" represent, titled "The Case of the Diplomatic Dictionary", a unique source on the history of the Soviet historical science of the first post-war years.

Keywords: MSU Faculty of History, editorial board of the "Diplomatic Dictionary", struggle against "cosmopolitanism".

Corresponding Member of RAS P.P. Cherkasov. Marshal MacMahon

The essay is devoted to the life of the French Marshal MacMahon (1808-1893), who faithfully served the Bourbon Restoration, loyal to the July Monarchy and the Second Republic, loyal to Napoleon III, crushed the Paris Commune and eventually became President of the Third Republic.

Keywords: MacMahon, French operation in Algeria, Crimean campaign, Sedan.

E.A. Susloparova. Stafford Cripps (1889-1952). The Political Portrait

The essay deals with the life and activity of the famous British politician S. Cripps. The Author traces the main stages of Cripps’s political career, formation and the evolution of his social and political views, considers his role in the history of the Labour party as one of its left wing leaders in the 1930s and a minister in C. Attlees governments in the 1940s. Special attention is given to Crippss stay in the USSR as the British Ambassador during the Second World War and the Cripps mission to India.

Keywords: Great Britain, Labour party, Socialist League, S. Cripps, Cripps mission, Soviet-British relations.

I.V. Rodin. Once in May: what do mean the events of 1968 in France after 50 years

The author describes the events of 50 years ago in France. He believes that student riots, workers' strikes and discussions among intellectuals in 1968 in France forever changed the country.

Keywords: 1968 in France, A. Weber, D. Cohn-Bendit, Grenelle Agreements.