1, 2011



  • Academician Bogomolov O. T. Democracy and Social Economic Progress;
  • Glinkina S.P. International Corruption;
  • Koshkin A.A. The Introduction of the USSR into the War with Japan in 1945. Political Aspect;
  • Okuneva F.S. The Two-Hundredth Anniversary of the Beginning of War for Independence and Century of Revolution of 1910 in Mexico;
  • Sadykova L.R. Problem of Integration of the North African Moslems in the French Society;
  • Raku M.V. The USA and Iran: about Conflict Sources (1979-1984);
  • Garskova I.M. Quantitative History and Historical Computer Science: Interaction Evolution;
  • Aganson O. I. Balkan Question in Britain's Foreign Policy (1908-1912);


  • Academician Tikhvinsky S.L. Russia and China. It Is Time To Get Rid of the Rests of Old Territorial Myths;


  • Bibikov M.V. The 21st International Congress of Historical Sciences in Amsterdam;


  • Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Kozlov V.P. Conversation of Two Historians (E.N.Kusheva – B.A.Romanov. Correspondence of 1940-1957);
  • Manykin A.S. Modern World Politics. The New Manual;
  • Rahshmir P. Ju. (Perm). British Tory: Revival or Fading;


  • Orlik I.I. Debate about J. F.Kennan;
  • Larin E.A. Life and Struggle of Simόn Bolívar;
  • Vinogradov V. N.The Last Crusade of Christian Europe;


  • Vasilev D.D., Joiners .. The 8th Congress of the Russian Orientalists;


  • Kartasheva L.A. Madagascar: a Policy of Malagasisation;
  • Mironov V.V. (Tambov). Forms of the Soldier's Protest in Austro-Hungarian Army during the First World War;
  • Tihonova A.V. Emigration from Switzerland in First Half of the 19th Century;


  • Zabelina N.J. The First World War: Germans from the Point of View of British;


  • Egorovf O.V, Moiseev A.N. The First Orthodox Temple in Havana;




Summaries and keywords of the published materials

Academician O. T. Bogomolov. Democracy And Social Economic Progress;

In the article the communication between political democracy and market economy is considered. The author asserts that the domination of neoliberal ideology and a policy in Russia hasn't allowed to define reference points of the future development of a world civilization. It is possible to consider political and financial systems adequate and progressive then, when they provide steady and dynamical democratic development of the country, lifting of well-being and culture of all social classes.

Keywords: political democracy, market economy, state regulation, postsocialist transformation, a social system.

S.P. Glinkina. International Corruption;

In the article the forms and features of display of corruption in the international organizations and private commercial sector are considered. The author gives the historical digression of formation of the international legal base of counteraction of corruption on the international scene, the author results the most effective examples of struggle against this widely adopted phenomenon. The place of Russia in these international processes is shown.

Keywords: the international corruption, transnational corruption, the international organizations, international law, globalization.

A.A. Koshkin. Introduction of the USSR into the War with Japan in 1945. Political Aspect;

In the article is considered the development by the Japanese military political management of a course concerning the German-Soviet war, which have begun in June, 1941, providing the introduction into it of Japan contrary to the existing Pact about a neutrality with the USSR. The author specifies the reasons and circumstances of the announcement the Soviet government in August, 1945 of war of Japan. The author analyzes contradictions between Tokyo and Moscow on a territorial question at the post-war normalization of the Soviet-Japanese relations.

Keywords: neutrality of Japan in 1941-1945, Kwantung Army, Manchuria, Pacific war, the Potsdam Conference.

F.S. Okuneva. The Two-Hundredth Anniversary of the Beginning of War for Independence and Century of Revolution of 1910 in Mexico;

The author of article offers her own vision of the basic features and stages of a historical way of Mexico within two centuries of independent development.

Keywords: War for independence, Mexico, Revolution of 1910, the Maya, Calderon.

L.R. Sadykova. The problem of the integration of the North African Muslims into French society

The article analyzes the position of the North African Muslims in French society, and also about the state policy of integration of this minority. Frenchmen have realized for a long time that in present realities the problem of assimilation of Muslims in the French Republic will become most likely more and more sharp and topical.

Keywords: Islam in France, integration of Muslims in the French Society, Sarcozy's policy.

M.V. Raku. The USA and Iran: about Conflict Sources (1979-1984);

The theme of the article is the initial stage of mutual relations between Islamic Republic of Iran and the USA (1979-1984). The author shows sources of the Iran-American contradictions and approaches of the parties to their permission. On the basis of various sources are shown attempt from the American management to transform relations from disputed in mutually advantageous.

Keywords: the USA, Iran, political Islam, Khomeini, Carter, Reagan, 1980, "Export of Islamic revolution"

I.M. Garskova. Quantitative History and Historical Computer Science: Interaction Evolution;

The article is devoted the development in Russia one of interdisciplinary directions of a modern historical science – quantitative history and historical computer science. The author characterizes the extensive domestic and foreign historiography on the given theme.

Keywords: Quantitative history, historical computer science, I.D. Kovalchenko, L.I. Borodkin.

O.I. Aganson. Balkan Question in Britain's Foreign Policy (1908-1912)

The article deals with British policy in the Balkans in the period covering the time from the Young Turk Revolution of 1908 to the First Balkan War (October 1912). The author defines the factors which shaped foreign policy of London in the region.

Keywords: Foreign policy of Great Britain, international relations before World War I, Balkan Question, Macedonian Question, Albanian Question, Young Turk Revolution, Balkan League.

S.L. Tikhvinsky. Russia and China. It Is Time To Get Rid of the Rests of Old Territorial Myths;

The author notices that, despite developing friendship between Russia and China, at scientific educational and household levels in China still there are unreasonable representations that some Russian territories should belong to China.

Keywords: Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, the Soviet-(Russian-) Chinese relations.

M.V. Bibikov. The 21st International Congress of Historical Sciences in Amsterdam;

In article contains the report about the 21st International congress of historical sciences in Amsterdam in the August, 2010 which has passed under the motto «History is live!» It is told also about participation in this congress of the Russian historians.

Keywords: the international congress of historical sciences, the Russian historians on the international congresses of historical sciences.

V.P. Kozlov. Conversation of Two Historians (E.N.Kusheva B.A.Romanov. Correspondence of 1940-1957);

The author shows value of the published 17-year-old correspondence (1940-1950th years) known Soviet historians B.A. Romanov and E.N. Kusheva for studying of history of the Soviet historical science in the conditions of ideological control from the state and changes of the Soviet validity after the death of I.V. Stalin.

Keywords: sectoral examination, the Russian feudalism, applied archaeography

A.S. Manykin. Modern World Politics. The New Manual;

In the article the manual on the modern world politics, written by collective of authors is considered. The innovative approach of authors, at which is given deeper and multilateral interpretation of the term "world politics", is marked. The problems, rising by Russia on international scene are analyzed today.

Keywords: modern world politics, the manual, the state interests.

P. Ju. Rahshmir. British Tory: Revival or Fading

In the article are analyzed the books devoted to evolution of the British conservative party from M. Thatcher till D. Cameron and prospects of conservatism in modern England.

Distinction of approaches and the points of view of authors allows to see a problematic opened by them in the different foreshortenings. One historians as a whole positively estimate the modernization of the party which have been carried out by Cameron and his command, other authors consider it as threat of identity of the British conservatism and see rescue in creation of "original" conservative party on the basis of its right wing, the true Tories.

Keywords: the British conservatism, Cameron’s modernization, the right populism.

I.I. Orlik. Debate about J. F. Kennan

The essay is devoted the studying of life and activity of the American diplomat and historian George Frost Kennan (1904-2005). The name of Kennan associates with the restraint policy, directed against communistic ideology in general and, in particular, against the USSR. However numerous performances of Kennan in support of normalization of relations and even cooperation of the USA with Soviet Union are known also.

Keywords: Kennan, policy of restraint, Meetings with Kennan. The Big Debate, the Long Telegram, the Soviet-American relations, the USA and Russia.

E.A. Larin. Life and Struggle of Simόn Bolívar;

The author characterizes the curriculum vitae of Simόn Bolívar, his fighting feats in the struggle for clearing of the Latin American countries of the colonial domination, the political views, the author notices that the difficulties, which have risen before Bolivar after the end of War for independence of Latin America, haven't allowed him to carry out many of his plans.

Keywords: Simόn Bolívar, War for independence in Latin America, Venezuela, Great Colombia.

V. N. Vinogradov. The Last Crusade of Christian Europe;

In the article is considered the history of creation of Sacred league of 1684 in Europe, the participations in it of Russia and oppositions of this union of Ottoman empire prior to the beginning of the 18th century

Keywords: Sacred league, Ottoman Empire, the international relations in Europe of the second half 17 century