About the Journal

The journal is published by the Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Publication frequency: twice a year. The first issue was released in June 2022.

The journal is dedicated to writing and its history, including the following topics:


– the invention or adoption of writing: purposes, mechanisms, early stages;

– the functions of writing and their evolution;

– proto-writing and para-writing;

– writing and the emergence of states; the correlation between the development of state and the evolution of writing; writing without a state and states without writing;

– the interrelation of written and oral practices;

– the emergence and evolution of certain kinds of texts (e.g. laws, historical writing, acts, etc.);

– scribal practices (e.g. layout, punctuation marks, columns, printed forms, alterations, glossing, etc.);

– coins, seals, and other objects bearing inscriptions or para-written symbols: their history and functions;

– the functions of inscriptions vs. the functions of the objects bearing them;

– comparative studies of writing and written practices.

No chronological or geographical limits are suggested. We are interested in both, societies where writing was invented endogenously, and where it appeared as a result of an influence from outside. In both cases written practices develop, certain tasks start to be resolved with the help of writing, and this process is the main focus of the journal. This does not exclude contributions dedicated to the functions of writing, the interrelation of written and oral, or the history of particular kinds of texts (inscriptions) in societies where writing has already been in use for centuries.

We welcome publications and translations of texts of principal importance for the history of writing as well as publications of newly discovered inscriptions and inscribed objects, new readings of inscriptions, comprehensive papers dedicated to certain kinds of texts or inscribed objects (catalogues, overviews of historiography, etc.), reviews of books and events concerned with the history of writing.



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Published on  August 26th, 2022